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This website is for all things DJ Shrimp, a Drum and Bass DJ out of California, USA.

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BZ / Dallas : glad to see the site is backup.
2014-12-10 8:21pm
TOny from Albuquerque : finally! a new mix.. ;) thanks again dude.. keep up the good work..
2012-08-11 8:06pm
Dmitry Moscow : thank you for what you're doing :) keep it up!
2012-06-21 5:27am
john 'jjypsy' hickman/atx : shrimp dogger! keep it up! throw in Pendulum - "self v self" next mix pls
2012-02-17 10:26am
Tone / ABQ : yo man.. whats up love your mixes.. waiting for a new one! by the way i finally checked out Vol. 5 and you seriously know quality DnB my friend!
2012-01-07 4:57pm
Emily O - dallas : Keep the jams coming! Makes the workday bearable
2011-12-27 11:59am
lisa : great new colors and look! xoxo
2011-11-06 2:15am
Tony - ABQ, NM : wow how'd i stumble on such a dope site and sick mixes.. pod #6 so awesome! keep it up!
2011-07-17 6:31pm
Christoph-Hannover : Podcast No. 6 - I'm lovng it, but still waiting 4 something ;)
2011-06-24 4:32pm
May - TX : I like the new logo! Fresh to death!
2011-05-03 6:36am
Jay - London : After contacting some serious people I'm listening to Showtime I'm nostalgic brah. Thats surely what motivates you no? Keep up the good work! Amazing!
2011-03-28 3:15pm
Jay - London : You're a legend mate. Where can I find Showtime? The first dnb set I listened to, a fantastic mix. Hit me up! :)
2011-03-28 1:12pm
pierre michel-miami : great work man!! keep it up.
2011-03-12 4:09pm
A-Team/Sydney : Patiently waiting for the guided (food) tour of my city.
2011-02-10 8:01am
Kiwi Babes - NZ : Ure rockin!
2010-12-14 1:37am
LyNkZ NC : TOMB Podcast Vol. 2 is one of your best mixes yet, keep'em coming!
2010-11-05 5:55pm
Skudge : Big ups to the one like Shrimp! keep rollin....
2010-10-27 3:13am
smallz- denver : holy cow bruva where have you been??? biggups!
2010-10-25 9:55pm
lisa/dallas : i dig your captions for the 'guna pics
2010-08-17 11:25pm
May/Dallas : Nice website and tunes :) You are neat.
2010-08-04 10:50pm
stenser : hello shrimpy, can i subscribe to your podcast
2010-08-03 8:10am
vijay/dtx : great work on the site! i'm loving some of the new sounds. my ears thank you.
2010-08-02 2:09pm
MG/atx : Good work on the site man! looks real good, love the quotes
2010-08-01 1:19pm
Alex : Impressive! Email en-route...
2010-07-28 9:50am
Charles/Htown : Brilliant man! Site looks amazing and I like how you've personalized it. Congrats on all your hard work!
2010-07-27 9:14pm
Dad/Charlotte : Sweet! One more great accomphishment of your creative soul. Too much!!
2010-07-27 12:08pm
Jmark ATX : ADAM! glad you shot this site over to me. make sure you hit me up next time you're in Austin. Or maybe we can both swing down to SA and see the Mac.
2010-07-27 11:14am
lisa/dallas : congrats!!! you worked your ass off and had fun while doing it. proud of you! :)
2010-07-27 10:08am
Sarah/Philadelphia : Very cool! Luv the tunes! Keep it up!!!!
2010-07-27 10:10am
bisola/ATX : The wait is over...DJ Shrimp! DJ Shrimp! DJ Shrimp! Love the MJ track on your latest mix (which is playing as I type), and the quote at the bottom of your page ;)
2010-07-27 9:30am
Hongyan : Awesome work and impressive hobbies. Keep your spirit and it will lead you further and higher - A life goal of mine is to keep my mind youthful and curious, no matter my age.
2010-07-27 9:32am
JDSmith : Nice work A-Shrimp!
2010-07-27 9:22am
Mary : Awesome job!
2010-07-27 9:20am
Jeff / Dallas : DJ Shrimp FTW!!!
2010-07-27 8:51am
Peter Almosdi : VERY NICE site. Wish my was just as good. Nice mixes! It's cool that you can listen in on them one by one - I"ve never seen anything like it before. Cheerz
2010-07-27 6:37am
emily/dallas : i'm so happy for you! i'm a fan of the 2.0 version. i would like to request a CD or mp3 version of your mixes!
2010-07-26 11:01pm
Yon-Hongkong : one man band? seems like a team of 10!
2010-07-26 10:56pm
Muz - Dallas : awesome site man!
2010-07-26 10:51pm
Mf'ing San Antonio Mac : Love new the site! It is user friendly and has a crazy amount of features embedded. This is the jam you need to match the quality of your music. Yuh!
2010-07-23 6:15pm
Mashan-Serbia : Bravo Doktore!
2010-03-19 8:35am
Steve Troy, Eric Rems, Kumar Shimpi / Work : Partying at work!!
2010-01-28 9:28am
Ollie / Birmingham / UK : You seem to have my fave DNB nailed all throughout your sets, respect bro!
2009-07-15 8:06am
Miles / Japan : Found your stuff man, its pretty sick! Big fan
2009-05-29 11:13pm
Groovy / Czech republic : keep on grooving... you should be seen all round the world... you just pwn it all
2009-05-24 9:35am
Iliyas : Yo Shrimpster aks Adam, You rock my friend. Hope all is well. love your music. Thanks for sharing!
2009-05-13 5:54pm
Cyril / Edinburgh / Lyon (France) : Showtime was properly the first dnb set i listened to 4-5 years ago. I loved it and it made me listen to drumnbass all the time, thanks a lot for that
2009-03-15 2:56pm
2009-01-21 6:36pm
Se-verin / Vienna (Austria) : Not much space here Just wanted to add: I like 2 listen 2 your sets @ work -> gives me brainmassage 8)
2008-12-05 5:36pm
Se-verin / Vienna (Austria) : It's the first time on your site. found your mixes by chance on the net. now i know, why you're called the one man band ;P
2008-12-05 5:34pm
Matt : Love your mixes man.
2008-10-31 1:05am
Andrew / Romania : greetings Dj Shrimp, respect and bigupz...listening to your last show on JT...great one i have to say! cheers!
2008-09-17 4:42pm
aaron knight / Dallas : thoroughly enjoy your sets, big ups homie
2008-07-13 10:20pm
007 / Austin,TX : Shrimp rocks my socks to the max
2008-07-11 1:16pm
Rafa / London : lovin the sets mate got them all, keep them rollin in!x
2008-07-04 5:35pm
DJCHILMUS Belgium : Shrimp! My Man!! Long time no see. I hope youre doing fine. Your music still rox mate! Got all your sets. Many greetz from DJCHILMUS! (
2008-06-27 7:36am
johnnerz/ ATX : i effin love you!!! i shake in my boots everytime i listen to yo sets
2008-06-20 2:32pm
MSK/ CZ : Fallen in love with Freedom party set. Really nice )))
2008-05-24 7:31am
yAz / Germany : Cheers, best mixes i heard the last time, keep it rolling shrimpman!! Excellent work, really like your style!!!
2008-04-05 12:56pm
tukan/slovakia : BIG UP DJ. really very nice sets.good luck. peace))
2008-03-24 12:47pm
Jon-So Cali : Keep it fresh...dont stop the innovation
2008-03-02 3:24pm
diox / germany : big respect for your output ! keep it rolling
2008-02-02 2:58pm
Ujvy / Hungary : Hi! Your music is fukin' good. Come and visit Us in Hungary. Greetings, Ujvy
2008-01-27 1:38pm
niklas : your sets are like a cronoligical record of the cream of liquid drum and bass. rahspekt! loads of cheaky vips and recuts so flavoursome!
2008-01-22 6:05am
niklas : hey shrimpy, listened to a set of yours many times drifting on my way to the beach - listening to your newest badness now - stil holding it down I C.
2008-01-21 6:52am
Glen / Florida : been listening to u for a few years now on. keep up the good work shrimp. come to florida.
2007-12-09 12:13pm
Martin / Czech republic : Your mixes are really nice. It's fresh and melodical. I like it!
2007-10-07 6:51am
Matty from Queenstown, New Zealand : just discovered your site bro! i like you stuff. peace from New Zealand
2007-09-05 12:09am
Claudio São Paulo : When u come to Brazil ???
2007-08-04 6:05pm
Shull / Romania : Ode To Joy roked my headphones for several days...godd stuff mate
2007-07-06 3:43am
R.U.F.F./Germany : ya man,ya kickin da right sound.keep da underground **** rollin.peace out
2007-05-02 10:34am
Tom England : Mixs are top quality what next...... ur own tunes ?!? lol =D
2007-05-01 1:28am
Kaizen Records : cheers for the DJ of the Week mix! Nice one!!
2007-04-15 12:38pm
Albert / Canada : You're doing quite an awesome mix right now ... rock on!
2007-04-15 12:37pm
Ash / perth AUS : sup dude, your mixes are the **** making me cum atm
2007-04-04 12:04am
Ad / England : Keep them mixes coming man. Wicked stuff!
2007-03-25 6:34am
dJ NeRO / STL,MO : Big up the Stateside MASSIVE! u know I dig tha stylee! keep it up!
2007-02-19 11:16pm
sMallz : thursdays from 10 am to 11 am colorado time biatch!!!
2007-01-28 7:13pm
Noni / Austin : Shouting for the thursday 11am KVRX show!!!!!!
2007-01-25 11:25am
Dj Lenny / Nijmegen, Netherlands : yo man your mixes rock! to bad you live on the other side of the world cheers from holland!
2007-01-25 10:09am
Matt/Vancouver : I just started listening to your sets a few weeks ago and I can't get enough! Awesome stuff.
2007-01-21 9:03pm
Flood / DnBRadio : decided to check out the bidness mang, keep it thumpin.
2007-01-19 12:39pm
J to the C/ Austin : Ear to Ear is absolutely flawless. I am amazed at what you did with it every time I hear it. You make me proud.
2007-01-18 9:21am
Chris H. / DTX : Your music scares me - but in a good way that makes me want to come back for more. HOLLA.
2007-01-01 9:21am
almpepe/Budapest/Hungary : Very nice and high-quality mixes, I'm a musician myself, so my word is worth it! :)
2007-01-16 8:06am
sophie/london : omg i'm from london and go 2 drum n bass raves quite a bit and ur stuff is sick!! its propa gd!! u shud get sum downloads cos ur stuff is fit! xxx
2007-01-16 5:48am
Some Tracks From My Collection
Tom Cane + Wilkinson - Half Light (Audio Remix)
Mutated Forms + Jenna G - Last Time
John B - Without You
Shy FX + T Power - Ra!